LastRound Pro

Black reusable rounds, designed for heavy makeup users. Made with a unique fabric that mimics traditional cotton when wet. Perfect for efficient makeup removal. Each set includes a case crafted from Ocean Bound Plastic and 7 reusable rounds, offering an eco-friendly alternative by replacing over 1750 disposable rounds.
Black reusable rounds. Special fabric feels feels just like regular cotton when wet, perfect for heavy makeup removal.
Save money & the environment
Domestic & plastic-free delivery
The Sustainable Material Choice

The problem with single-use rounds

Why Use LastRound?

Softer Than the Bum on a Baby Alpaca

Feels just as good to use as regular cotton rounds. Just add a splash of water to soften it.

Preserve Forests.

LastRound helps conserve forests by reducing the demand for disposable cotton rounds, which contributes to deforestation and habitat destruction.

Minimize Waste & Water Use.

Choosing LastRound reduces plastic packaging waste associated with single-use cotton rounds, contributing to a cleaner environment. Additionally, it takes 10 liters of water to create just one disposable cotton round—so by using LastRound, you'll save both packaging waste and water.

Save Money.

By using LastRound to its full potential (reusing it 1750 times), you can save over 50 USD compared to purchasing single-use cotton rounds, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

How to Use

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Step 1. Wet It

The rounds are hard when dry, so simply add a bit of water and squeeze out the excess.

Step 2. Enjoy It

Use with a cleanser, toner, astringent, cream, ointment, or other favorite product.

Step 3. Clean It

Immediately clean with soap and water or run in the machine up to 60°C/140°F.

Step 4. Pop It

Let it dry on a flat surface before popping it back into the case.


Pick the Right Round for You

LastRound Original

Classic size and just as soft as regular rounds.

LastRound Large

50% bigger. Great for both the face and body.

LastRound Pro

Black rounds for nail polish and heavy makeup.


A Small Product With a Big Impact

Footprint Facts*

Product Life Cycle Is Validated by a 3rd Party
  • LastRound is 24 times better for the environment**
  • Reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 90%
  • Reduces water consumption by 92%
  • Reduces land use by 99%
  • Reduces primary energy demand by 90%
  • After just 34 uses, you break even with CO2 emissions

*Compared to single-use rounds

**Considering all 22 environmental categories

Care for Your Case

The case made of Ocean Bound Plastic is sturdy and will last for about five years - if you take good care of it.

How to give your case a long life:

1. Keep your case and only replace your LastRound with LastRound Refill.

2. Keep the case away from direct sunlight.

3. Avoid using too much water when cleaning the case - use hand sanitiser instead.

After a long and happy life, the case can be recycled with hard plastic.

The Rounds Are Made of All-Natural Fiber!

A Circular Mindset

When your rounds have been used a couple of hundred times, it might be time to replace them with refills. First, clean your used rounds thoroughly. They are home-compostable, so you can leave them with your living room plant, or give them new life with your compost, and they will transform into all-natural soil.



Excellent reusable item. Highly recommended

Item type:Original / Black

Rana R.


These are one of the best thing I've ever discovered! I received a sample pack in a natural beauty box and I have used them to death, so strong but super gentle easy to wash out and dry on the bathroom sink, a three pack has lasted over a year although I realised my husband had thrown two away at some stage thinking they were disposable, so my last one had received a battering and have decided to invest in a new pack Fantastic product

Item type:Original / Turquoise

René B.


Great product but delivery atrocious 🤮

Item type:Original / White

René B.


Great product but delivery atrocious 🤮

Item type:Large / Peach

Brittany S.


Love these reusable face rounds! A lot let garbage and I love it.

Item type:Original / White

Rosey M.


These little pads are better than I expected. They are perfect size for face wash/makeup removal as they easily get into every eye/nose crease., even along the lash line. They also work well applying toner and such. Don’t be alarmed by their initial stiffness. As soon as they become wet, they are very soft and pliable. I don’t wet them with water first, just apply solution which is best used sparingly since these pads hold much more than expected! After washing and drying the pads, they become stiff again and shrink a bit, but return to full size upon applying liquid. After a few weeks of multiple daily usage, they still hold shape and texture nicely with no fraying. My only issue was with the container when trying to remove the new ones. After first use, they are easier to remove. I highly recommend this product.

Item type:Original / Peach



I like the idea of generating less waste in general, which this product is great for. However, I need to use a lot of product (toner or eye makeup remover for example) to get it to be soft, otherwise if I use the usual amount, it becomes too harsh on the skin.

Item type:Pro / Black



So much better than just disposable cotton pads!

Item type:Original / Turquoise

Julia H.


It's amazing how they feel just like cotton pads (once wet) and are reusable :) I'm so glad I found this product!!

Item type:Original / Green

Hannah F.


Love these! They have been so much easier to get used to using than I anticipated. They're so easy to clean & I love the feel compared to a regular cotton round.

Item type:Large / Black

Hannah F.


I love using these instead of regular cotton rounds! They are so easy to get used to & so easy to clean.

Item type:PRO / Black



Literally OBSESSED! I was very skeptical but wow am I impressed!

Item type:Original / Turquoise



Love it.

Item type:Large / Turquoise

Miriam V.


Son los mejores discos que he probado

Item type:PRO / Black



Love the container this comes with only wish it was larger and had a similar design of the tissues to know when to wash all of them.

Item type:Original / Green

Angela V.


Very useful and nature friendly. I save a lot of money thanks to you. This should be a must have for every woman.

Lorela C.


Very nice quality and perfect clean skin. Easy to use. Recomedded 👍🏻

Item type:Original / Red

Maria I.


I love these lastround by last object. Easy use and the most important thing I save plastic and Planet. Fast shipping and really a good product.

Item type:PRO / Black



Love the product from the beginning. Perfect for every day use and travel

Item type:PRO / Black

Carly H.


Probably the best replacement for cotton pads. They're absorbent and durable. Will be buying more.

Item type:Original / Red

Morgane M.


I ordered a large round and received by mistake a regular one. I contact the brand and they send me the large round right away. They are really easy to use and take all the make up away. They are also easy to clean. I will definitely buy more soon !

Item type:Large / Turquoise



The rounds that are in the holder have black on them that doesn’t wash out. I assume that it is faded on there from the black container but it is not something I would use on my face not knowing what it is. The additional rounds I purchase are white and I am using them. I would not normally post this but I wrote Last Object when I received the item and never got a response.

Item type:Original / White

Giorgia F.


Ho comprato i dischetti struccanti piccoli e per la prima volta ho trovato un reale sostituto dei dischetti in cotone. I prodotti che avevo acquistato in precedenza da altri rifornitori erano troppo spessi e poco mallebili, con il risultato che non rimuovevano bene il trucco dagli occhi. Questi funzionano perfettamente sul trucco non waterproof (con quello waterproof c’è bisogno di un po’ piu di insistenza), e si lavano con estrema facilità e in fretta!

Item type:Original / Red

Tammie G.


Love it. Great travel item. Keep in gym bag. Minimum spaced used camping.

Item type:Large / Green

Tammie G.


Love the concept. Travels well. Fits well in toiletry bag. Dries faster than wash cloth

Item type:Original / Green



I'm lovn' it

Item type:Original / Peach

Gloria T.


Excellent pad in black for taking off nail varnish, it works and died it's job! Very good.

Item type:PRO / Black

Joanna B.


Love the black last rounds! My previous ones were white, and these ones will look fresher for longer, such good value for money as well

Item type:Pro / Black



Totally junk!

Item type:Original / Blue



Thank you for the fast shipping. These are very convenient

Item type:Original / Red



Thank you for the fast shipping

Item type:Original / Turquoise

Lynda M.


Eerste herbruikbaar Wattenschijfje waar het product niet in trekt. Voelt zacht aan. Goed uitwasbaar en droogt snel. Ik spoel ze na gebruik altijd wel even uit anders krijg je mascaravlekken er niet helemaal uit. Ik ben om!

Item type:Original / White

Brenda C.


Love these! When I can afford it I will buy lots more since I use them daily, happily.

Item type:Original / Peach

Natalie V.


Excellent product and super easy to use. I never need to my single use products anymore, thank you!

Item type:Original / White

Soile P.


Love my lastrounds, just wish the refillls offered other refill quantity options. I use my rounds A LOT. I have the ones that I keep in my toiletry bag for travel, but home use is just kept in a container on the counter. I need more options for my refills. Until then, I will continue with the option I have been presented. One pack of (7) at a time.

Item type:Pro / Black



Not impressed unfortunately.

Item type:PRO / Black



Holds reusable rounds and is a great orange color . Pull from the top and put back in the bottom. So easy . The reusable rounds are excellent ! Work exactly as described!

Item type:Original / Peach



Works great for makeup remover and toner application. Just add water , use, wash, dry and use again . Saving the environment!

Item type:Pro / Black



Only reusable cotton rounds that I’ve been really happy with. Love these

Item type:Pro / Black



I’ve tried a number of options for sustainable products like this - I love these as this is first time they both clean, and can be cleaned effectively! They can be returned to the lord from the bottom.

Item type:Large / Green