Working Towards a Sustainable Future

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    Single-use items eliminated

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    Plastic stopped from entering the oceans

Being Last, Means Putting the Planet and the People First

LastObject was born to disrupt the single-use industry with reusable products that work better for you and do better for the planet. We want to save our PLANET and oceans from single-use items and be part of the solution to the climate crisis. We create PRODUCTS that you love to use and reuse so that sustainability becomes an easier choice. On our journey, we want to give PEOPLE great work opportunities across the planet and create a fantastic work environment.

LastObject is B Corp certified

LastObject is proudly B Corp certified, which means we are a part of a global community of purpose-driven businesses that strive to be a power for good. One of the missions of B Lab, the nonprofit network behind this certification, is to transform economical systems by harnessing the collective power in this global community and impact more than 150 industries in over 80 countries.

As a B Corp, we meet the high standards of social and economical impact and take part in transforming the global economical changes of the future. But our journey doesn’t stop here. We will continue to challenge ourselves to be better and do better, for you, for ourselves, and for all the future generations. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

  • Planet

    We want our planet to last for generations to come - it’s the reason we’re in business

  • Product

    Our products are made to last and to be enjoyed and have a minimal environmental impact

  • People

    We create meaningful and lasting work in a fun, open and borderless workspace

Let's Dive A Little Deeper...


A Planet For Our Future Generation

  • Saving the planet and our oceans from single-use items

    Single-use products have a massive effect on the environment. It is easy to disregard them as harmless, but the outcome is devastating when billions of them end up in nature. Our mission is to eliminate single-use items by creating reusable, sustainable and lovable alternatives.

  • Being part of the solution to the climate crisis

    Carbon emission and global warming are two of the biggest threats to our planet, which is why we are so eager to be part of the solution. So far, our community has contributed to avoiding more than 3.000 tons of carbon from entering our atmosphere. Now that’s worth celebrating!

  • Nurturing a Reusable Movement

    We believe that each one of us has the power to create a positive impact and that using lasting, reusable products is an excellent step in creating a sustainable future. We want to educate, inform, and inspire change on our communications platform.

2021 key results

1650 tons of carbon avoided from ending up in our atmosphere

60 tons of plastic removed via our partner Plastic For Change

10 tons of ocean-bound plastic used in own products

Products sold on average 10x more sustainable than single-use

Carbon footprint intensity of 205 tons per mUSD

We Want To Make The World And Its People A Little Happier Than Before.


Products That Make Sustainability Easier

  • Products You Love to Use and Reuse

    To make it easier to choose the sustainable option instead of the convenience of single-use items, we need to make products that people love and feel safe using. We are constantly working on improving our products to get even better, and we are driven by all the great feedback we get from our customers.

  • Durable and Long Lasting Design

    With all the single-use products we eliminate, we aim to replace them with durable options that last for a long time. Our products have been tested to last over 1.000 times each, and most products even more than that.

  • Choosing Materials to Minimize Our Impact

    To minimize our impact, we choose materials like compostable wood fibers, cardboard and organic cotton. Vast majority of the cotton we use is certified organic. We also use recycled ocean-bound plastic to help clean up the mess that already has been made.

2021 key results

Average review score 4.2/5 (last quarter)

Sold products tested to last 1,480 times on average

85% of our cotton was certified as organic

1/5 customers have three or more of our core products

35% of materials used were recycled

Over 90,000 people reached with posts educating about recycling

We Succeed When We Make Reusable The Standard That Everyone Loves To Use.


People That Inspire a Better World

  • Inclusive and Diverse Culture

    Inclusiveness and diversity is something we strongly believe in and work to create. We are a team of people with different backgrounds and nationalities, and our workforce has a 50/50 gender split. Our values are built around being fast-paced, transparent and inspirational.

  • Create Great Work Opportunities Across the Planet

    To us, it is essential to create work opportunities across the globe. This is why we have many different nationalities in our company working from all over the world. We provide fair wages and a healthy work/life balance. Our suppliers must follow our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises. This includes human and labour rights and environmental and anti-corruption principles.

  • Amazing Work Environment

    One of the most important assets of LastObject is our work environment where everyone enjoys working. Our overall employee NPS score was 98 out of 100 last year. We are proud to have both happy customers and a happy team. Together, we can make a difference for our planet and its people.

2021 key results

100% suppliers signed code of conduct

B-corp certification

50/50 gender split

Employee NPS score of 98/100

14 nationalities

Employee transparency score of 81/100

Want to learn more?

We are committed to being completely transparent about our business, from explaining the materials we use to the type of packaging we source. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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